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SALLY PEEL- salicylic acid peel

SALLY 20 / 30 – Liq./Gel

Salycylic acid 20% / 30%


1.  Leave on Time:
3 – 4 min.

2.  pH: 3.5

3.  Peel Interval: 15 days

Inflammatory acne,
rough &
oily skin, Epidermal Melsma,
PIH, Photoaging

Priming: 2 weeks with
4% Hydroquinone for Hyperpigmentation2 weeks
with 6% GA

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Determination of the procedure end-point is dependent on the agreed
upon desired result. An end-point is set prior
to the start of the procedure. The longer the acid is left on the skin,
the deeper the acid will
penetrate (the deeper
the peel). The depth of
the peel is judged by close observation for visible signs.


Increasing depth is seen by

Erythema – which
indicates early dyscohesion of the stratum corneum;

Blanching – which
indicates epidermolysis;

Desquamation – which indicates epidermal detachment .


These observable changes serve as signals
to stop the peel at or before the
selected end point by neutralising it with proper
neutralizer. During the chemical
peel procedure, the patient
will probably feel stinging, itching, burning or
discomfort. Each patient’s tolerance for these sessions will differ.
Monitoring the patient’s discomfort can be accomplished simply by asking
the patient to verbalise
a 0 (no discomfort) to 10 (intense
discomfort) scale the level of discomfort they
are experiencing. If the patient
reaches an 7 to 10 discomfort rating,
the procedure
should be terminated even if visible
signs of the desired end point have
not been reached.


When not to peel

There are certain conditions which may make
you have to postpone your


  These include

1.  Inflamed lesions

2.  Open cuts
and / or scratches on your face

3.  Active cold sores
on lips or face any facial surgery
within 3 weeks,
“face lift” or eyelid surgery

In addition, if you are under
severe physical or mental stress
it is not a good time for a peel.

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20%, 30%


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