Melocyte Transfer Kit:

Dermabrasion and Melacocyte Transplant is a novel and latest development in the management of vitiligo, which

is available for patients of stable vitiligo.


The technique involves taking a very thin skin graft from normally pigmented area, preferably buttocks. The skin graft is of size approx. 25 % of the treatment area. Method can effectively be used to treat 100-150 sq cm of white area  in one sitting. The technique involves taking a very thin skin graft from normally pigmented area, preferably buttocks. The skin graft is of size approx. 25 % of the treatment area. Method can effectively be used to treat 100-150 sq cm of white area in one sitting.

KIT contents:

1. 4 ampoules of MCDB153 medium enhanced for melanocyte transfer

2. 1 ampoule of dry enzyme powder

3. Accessories set containing 2 sterile 10 ml test tubes,

2 sterile plastic pipettes and 1 sterile filter


1. Dissolve dry powder enzyme mix with one ampoule of medium and transfer to a test tube using sterile

pipette. Leave behind the silica gel granules.

2. Add partial thickness skin graft to this medium. Alternatively the graft can be cut into small pieces

before adding to medium.

3. Incubate at 37 C for 2-3 hours, vigorously shaking intermittently. Cells will separate from dermis and will

form suspension.

4. Transfer the medium and skin piece to glass petri dish at the end of one hour incubation. Spread the graft with

epidermis side up using the sterile pipettes. Scrape the epidermis gently using pipette tip holding it parallel to

the skin. Other pipette can be used to hold the skin graft while scraping. Dark colored epidermal cells with

separate from the dermis and dermis will start looking transparent. Once scraping is done, transfer fluid cell

suspension back to the tube. Add one ampoule of liquid medium to the dermal piece in the petri dish and gently

wash using pipette and transfer all the fluid to the same tube. Dermal piece can now be discarded. Add 1 ml of

serum and cap the tube and mix by inversion.

4. Alternatively when small pieces are made at the end of 2-3 hours incubation transfer cell suspension to

another tube avoiding dermal pieces using the filter provided. Open another ampoule of liquid medium and

add to filter so that the skin pieces remaining will get washed. Finally add about 1 ml of patient’s own serum.

(Patient’s 10 ml blood should be collected at the time of harvesting graft and kept in incubator to clot and serum

to separate.)

5. Centrifuge at 1500 RPM for 10 minutes, remove supernatant and add 1 ampoule of medium and resuspend cell pellet.

6. Wash once with medium and then add appropriate quantity of patient’s serum and resuspend for use.

7. Apply drops of this suspension to dermabraded vitiligo patches and dress with neuskin dry collagen.

8. Remove dressing after 7 days and treat appropriately.

9. After 15 days you can start PUVA therapy

10. Pigmentation will appear within one month and will be optimal in 3-6 months.


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