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RF cautery, or radiofrequency cautery, is a medical procedure that uses high-frequency electrical currents to generate heat for various purposes:

  1. Surgical Procedures: Cuts, coagulates, or removes tissue in surgeries.
  2. Dermatology: Removes skin lesions, warts, moles, and aids in cosmetic procedures.
  3. Dental and Oral Surgery: Used in soft tissue procedures like gum surgery.
  4. Gynecology: Performs procedures like the LLETZ procedure for cervical dysplasia.
  5. Ophthalmology: Treats glaucoma through trabeculoplasty.
  6. ENT: Used in procedures like tonsillectomy.

Benefits include precision, reduced bleeding, and minimally invasive techniques, with potential for less scarring and post-operative discomfort. Always administered by trained healthcare professionals.


RF cautery, also known as radiofrequency cautery, is a medical procedure that uses high-frequency electrical currents to generate heat and remove or treat tissue. It’s commonly used in surgical and dermatological procedures. Here’s a brief overview:

How RF Cautery Works:

  1. Radiofrequency Energy: RF cautery uses radiofrequency waves to create an electric current. This current flows through a small electrode, generating heat.
  2. Heat Application: The heated electrode is applied to the targeted tissue. The heat causes controlled tissue destruction or modification, depending on the specific application.
  3. Tissue Removal or Modification: Depending on the purpose of the procedure, the RF cautery can be used to cut, coagulate (stop bleeding), or ablate (remove) tissue.

Common Uses of RF Cautery:

  1. Surgical Procedures:
    • Electrosurgery: Used in various types of surgeries to cut, coagulate, or remove tissue. This can include procedures in gynecology, dermatology, and general surgery.
  2. Dermatological Applications:
    • Removal of Skin Lesions: Used to remove benign or malignant skin growths, warts, moles, and other lesions.
    • Cosmetic Procedures: Can be used for procedures like mole removal, scar revision, and skin tightening.
  3. Dental Procedures:
    • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Used in procedures involving soft tissue, such as gum surgery.
  4. Gynecological Procedures:
    • LLETZ Procedure: Used in the removal of abnormal cervical tissue in cases of cervical dysplasia.
  5. Ophthalmic Procedures:
    • Trabeculoplasty: Used in the treatment of glaucoma by increasing the outflow of intraocular fluid.
  6. ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Procedures:
    • Tonsillectomy: Can be used for tonsil removal.

Benefits of RF Cautery:

  1. Precision: Allows for precise tissue removal or modification, minimizing damage to surrounding areas.
  2. Hemostasis: Can effectively control bleeding during surgical procedures.
  3. Reduced Scarring: Can lead to less scarring compared to traditional scalpel-based procedures.
  4. Minimally Invasive: In many cases, RF cautery allows for minimally invasive or outpatient procedures.
  5. Reduced Pain and Swelling: Patients may experience less pain, swelling, and discomfort compared to traditional surgical techniques.


  • Professional Use: RF cautery should only be performed by trained and licensed healthcare professionals.
  • Patient Suitability: Not all patients or conditions are suitable for RF cautery, and the procedure’s appropriateness should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

RF cautery is a versatile tool used in various medical specialties for tissue removal, coagulation, and modification. Its benefits in terms of precision and reduced post-operative discomfort make it a valuable technique in modern medicine. Always consult with a qualified healthcare provider to determine the most appropriate treatment for a specific condition.


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